Supporting & Promoting Indigenous & Rural Adolescents' Learning of Science

Welcome to SPIRALS, an exploration of personal and community sustainability and learning of science. The SPIRALS curriculum allows teachers and mentors to guide learners through a study of sustainability by getting to know the people and places within their community better, and to use maps and technology to help tell their stories.

Learners will look more closely at different sustainable practices such as a farmer’s market or berry-picking in their local community. As they explore, they will learn more about sustainability from many perspectives including both traditional ecological knowledge and science. Learners will be encouraged to connect what they learn about sustainability in their local community through a progression of activity-based lessons that incorporate maps, mapping technology and storytelling.

The types of community projects are unlimited. To learn more about the SPIRALS project you can visit our about us page and to learn more about the curriculum you can visit the spirals page

For information about who we are visit our partners page or to find out about participating in SPIRALS contact us.